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Almost 2 years of pandemic. Almost 2 years of missed experiences. How can a discount supermarket touch German society and draw attention to the situation of young people?

Corona demands a lot from all of us: contact restrictions, lockdowns, home schooling. It is especially hard on young people, who miss out on the most exciting time of their lives and are unable to have important experiences of their youth. And although they pay a high price to protect their loved ones, their needs have been neglected, trivialised or even forgotten during two years of pandemic.

Understanding for our customers instead of classic advertising messages.

We want to prove to our customers that we, as the discounter in the neighbourhood, listen and understand their situation. With an emotional online film that portrays not only the beautiful but also the sometimes painful experiences that are part of growing up, we want to bring the topic into people's minds. With an additional raffle, we are also translating our message into reality and giving young people 5,000 unique experiences.

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The  campaign led to unprecedented press presence for PENNY. Everybody in Germany (from RTL to Bild-Zeitung) was talking about the emotional spot and the campaign around.​


26,6 million views of the online film
187k raffle-participants
25,06 million „free“ reach through press
total campaign reach: 51.05 million, thereof 66.9% organic 
most successful commercial on YouTube 2021 in category "Long" (over 30 seconds)

ADC Annual Awards 1x Gold, 4x Silver, 2x Bronze 2022
ADC DE  1x Grand Prix, 7x Gold, 4x Silver, 5x Bronze 2022
AdForum PHNX Awards 1x Silver 2022
ANDY Awards 2x Gold 2022
Best of Content Marketing 1x Grand Prix, 2x Gold 2022
Cannes Lions Awards 1x Grand Prix, 3x Gold, 1x Silver 2022
Clio 2x Silver, 3x Bronze 2022
Deutscher Digital Award 1x Gold, 1x Bronze, 1x Special Award 2022
Deutscher Werbefilmpreis 4x Gold 2022
DPOK 2x Winner 2022
D&AD Jury 1x Yellow, 1x Graphite, 2x Wood 2022
Gerety Awards 2x Gold, 1x Silver 2022
Golden Award of Montreux 2x Gold, 1x Finalist 2022
MAX Awards 1x Gold, 1x Silver 2022
New York Festivals 1x Grand Prix, 5x Gold, 1x Silver, 2x Bronze 2022
Red Dot: Brands and Communication Design 2x Best of the Best 2022
spotlight 2x Gold, 1x Bronze 2022
The One Show 2x Gold, 3x Bronze 2022