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The premium fashion brand Strellson launched its campaign for the season Autumn / Winter 2016 on a specially chosen date: 5th September, Freddie Mercury's 70th birthday. And not without reason, for at its centre was a music video of the world-famous Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now”, in the form of an exclusive cover version by star producer MNEK. The cool, self-assured man-about-town in Strellson attire forges a path through a fantasy world, letting nothing stand in his way. The campaign message: Strellson. Make yourself unstoppable.

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A man negotiating his way through a fantasy world with charming self-assurance and unwavering determination.

Men are always up for something new. As a brand, Strellson too has been forging a new path. For the first time, the company was opting for a purely digital media strategy, and employing an unusual campaign concept for the fashion sector – a music video.

ADC ANNUAL AWARDS 1x Bronze, 2x Merit 2019
ADC DE 1x Bronze 2019
CANNES LIONS 1x Bronze 2019
CLIO 1x Silver, 1x Bronze 2019
New York Festival 1x Bronze 2019
Red Dot Communication Design Award 1x Red Dot 2019
BCM 1x Silver 2019