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The premium fashion brand Strellson launched its campaign for the season Autumn / Winter 2016 on a specially chosen date: 5th September, Freddie Mercury's 70th birthday. And not without reason, for at its centre was a music video of the world-famous Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now”, in the form of an exclusive cover version by star producer MNEK. The cool, self-assured man-about-town in Strellson attire forges a path through a fantasy world, letting nothing stand in his way. The campaign message: Strellson. Make yourself unstoppable.

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A man negotiating his way through a fantasy world with charming self-assurance and unwavering determination.

Men are always up for something new. As a brand, Strellson too has been forging a new path. For the first time, the company was opting for a purely digital media strategy, and employing an unusual campaign concept for the fashion sector – a music video.

Eurobest Gold & Silver 2016
New York Festivals 2017 Bronze 2017
ADC Bronze Nail 2017
Clio Bronze 2017
LIA Bronze 2017
Epica Silver & Bronze 2017