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The guy who separated everything

guy separated
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Who is not legally prepared, may lose half his possessions in a divorce. To reach young people with this message, we invented "Martin G.": a husband who just took his "separation” literally. Martin sawed after the divorce the household and sells his halves on ebay - from teddy bears to their car. In addition, he provided a video on YouTube, in which he documented the sawing and thanked his ex-wife sarcastically for "12 wonderful years".

The story spread entirely without media budget within a few days around the world. In 151 countries was the “guy, who separated everything” the top story. About 7 million clicks on YouTube, endless social network discussions, even on the Facebook pages of Ashton Kutcher and Lil'Wayne. People on all continents spoke not only about the crazy separation expert "Martin G.", but also about our clients’ topic: divorce and marriage contracts.

At the height of the attention of the German Advocate Association (der Deutsche Anwaltverein) cleared up the story and made it a second time around the world in the media. Many German media took our message word for word: too few couples are legally prepared for a separation.

The action led to a doubling of the number of visitors on the consumer portal of the German Advocate Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein), where free legal advice about divorce and marriage contracts were provided as well as the contacts of assistant lawyers.

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