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Major PR Campaign on International Women’s Day

Truth unveiled
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    Ipras WomenforWomen

According to “Times of India”, every hour, one woman is the victim of acid attacks or burns. In the Indian media, the faces of the victims are consistently blurred out.

On behalf of the aid organisation “IPRAS WomenforWomen”, the Serviceplan Group raised awareness of these atrocities with a PR campaign on the Indian television channel NewsX on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017. A woman who was herself a victim of an acid attack showed her face publicly in front of more than 100 million viewers. Her courage gained worldwide media coverage. Thousands of women across India unveiled their own scars of abuse, sparking a national movement. Finally, India was forced to acknowledge the truth.  

The majority of victims come from India, Pakistan, Uganda, Nepal, Bangladesh and Cambodia. In India alone, an estimated 1,000 women experience acid attacks every year. In most cases, the perpetrators come from the married family. The scene of the crime is often their own home. The motive: too little dowry or disobedience. The triggers: family disputes about the woman’s desire for more independence or work.

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An attack with acid is an insidious act beyond comparison, which can happen to simply anyone. I absolutely believe that this malicious concept must be banished from peoples’ minds as soon as possible and this can only happen, if awareness is raised and young people are truly enlightened and educated.

Jaya Prasad, Managing Director of Serviceplan India

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