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Public Opinion

Steering public opinion

Serviceplan Public Opinion is the Serviceplan agency group’s specialist arm in political and social communication. We help our clients handle public opinion creatively and strategically.
We run information and motivation programmes for a broad audience and we target carefully defined political stakeholders. We help public institutions publicise their social concerns – from healthcare, to IT security, to combatting undeclared employment. We also find creative ways of lending communicative weight to positions in business and civil society as part of the political decision-making process.
To do all this, we combine our love for effective communication with a passion for public affairs. We think in terms of creative, conceptual and technological solutions instead of rigid disciplines.

We believe that politics is communication

Nobody is born powerful in a democracy. Influence always stems from our convictions and our success in conveying them. Political weight is always based on communication. This applies not only to political individuals but also to associations and corporations with political aims.
There are many standpoints in the public discourse, which deserve to be conveyed effectively. But giving them weight requires an understanding of complex themes and processes combined with the whole gamut of contemporary communication, professionally handled. That is what we have at House of Communication in Berlin, the home of Serviceplan Public Opinion.

Content Marketing Cases


Sozialwahl 2017

Pensioners Health Insurance Fund
Associations and Institutions


Helping Hand

Federal Ministry of the Interior
Political Organization


Foot Off the Gas

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Political Organization

A passion for public affairs

We are political animals with a passion for creative solutions. Political and PR strategists, creative copy writers and art directors, social media advisors and editors, event professionals and online technicians all work here beneath a physical roof, in one office, on one thing. Moreover, we are helped by having access to the expertise of what is far and away Germany’s largest owner-managed agency group, at House of Communication in Berlin and beyond.
We combine the Serviceplan agency group’s culture of innovation with a deep understanding of political opinion making, a penchant for topics that require explanation, and a passion for creatively translating complex issues into the public arena.

A passion for public affairs

At the head of Serviceplan Public Opinion is Jörg Ihlau, a trained political economist, born 1962. He has been working for over 25 years at the confluence between politics, media and the public, in Germany’s government and for agencies, as a decision-maker and as a consultant, for public institutions, associations and corporations and in markets subject to heavy political regulation. For the past ten years, he has been heading up Serviceplan Public Opinion in its work for Germany’s Interior, Transport, Economics and Finance Ministries, for public service broadcasting and private insurers, for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, for Minijob-Zentrale (the German government agency that oversees marginal employment), for INSM (the New Social Market Economy Initiative) and for the Sozialwahl, the process of electing Germany’s social insurers’ self-governing bodies.

A passion for public affairs

Claudia Díaz Sánchez is the management supervisor at Serviceplan Public Opinion. A political scientist with eight years of agency experience in Berlin´s political scene under her belt, she leads our consultancy team and is responsible for managing clients´content and budgets. Her consultancy specialty are integrated campaigns in the public sector. She is also Head of PR for the entire House of Communication Berlin


If you have questions or interest in our offer, feel free to give us a call:

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Please find us at House of Communication Berlin:

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