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Serviceplan Ukraine

Sharing global values with best brands

Think locally, act globally. This approach is the best way to reflect attitude and philosophy of Serviceplan Ukraine office.

We joined Serviceplan Group in 2017, and we had fifteen year experience of creating and developing the world brand leaders in Ukraine.

Similarity of approaches, common values, the focus on integrated communications and atmosphere of a big family: all of that made our coming into Serviceplan Group logical, natural and truly inspiring experience.

The expertise of the Ukrainian office lays in a field of creating of effective marketing decisions. Advertising for us is the language brands talk to consumers with.

That is why we have a key goal in each case – to make this language emotionally bright and rationally efficient. Exactly in this inseparable union of mind and heart we see the secret of successful strategy.

We have everything necessary for this: the talented team, an effective methodology, digital oriented approach.

We believe everything efficient in advertising starts with the Idea. That’s why we carefully prepare its birth to the world. We study the market and customers’ insights, and then we work on complex marketing decisions which can be a beneficial ground for creativity. We know the best brands are built exactly this way.

Let’s do it together! 

Selection of our Case Archive

Inspiration comes at work

How to make meeting of a brand and a consumer an unforgettable event? You need to synchronize thousands of variables in one point of space and time. Take into account changes of mood, caprices, unexpected factors, count up trajectory of moves and create respective atmosphere. Put everything in the right place and even add a little ease and spontaneity to this meeting. And then, in idea, the feeling must appear. With time, we hope, it’ll be not just attraction but true love. Perhaps, it is the most exciting thing in the world!

The Team in Kiev

Management Ukraine