Speed management as a success factor

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Current situation

It’s not only the trends that are transforming the way we do business, but also the sheer speed and volatility of the emerging trends: the GDP is sinking, the threat of a possible recession is looming. The process of change can be broken down into three elements: firstly, the economic climate, which is changing at a dramatic pace. Secondly, the purchasing behaviour of consumers. And thirdly, the companies whose innovations quickly overtake them. 


Companies often recognise these challenges, but most of them react too late, despite the fact that speed management can give them a decisive competitive edge.


Speed is becoming a key success factor across all areas of marketing:


1. Product strategy: High significance of innovation / speed for brand success.

2. Communication: Dynamic / hybrid touchpoint strategies as a core element for brand success.

3. Price & promotion: Adaptive pricing and promotion management as success factors in a dynamic market setting.


The most important measure is still a faster pace of innovation when launching new products. Here at Serviceplan we help you to establish yourself as a dynamic brand and help you develop a strategically viable approach to speed management. How? We have put together a few case examples for you.

Best Cases

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