Welcome to our brand-new business content series – The Rainmakers. With the latest trends in communication and marketing from all our Houses of Communication around the world, we empower you to grow your business. In entertaining videocasts, our experts provide fascinating insights into successful brand building, the efficiency potential of integrated media and creativity, as well as the opportunities of global digital production.


With our unique House of Communication concept, we provide holistic and strategic advice and enable the development and implementation of all communication measures along the customer journey. Our independence as an owner and partner-led agency guarantees a high level of flexibility and allows us to react quickly to market changes and trends.


Our topics

#1 ÜberCreativity

Be inspired by Jason Romeyko, our Worldwide Executive Creative Director, as he reveals the transformative power of ÜberCreativity. Find out more about ÜberCreativity as a higher form of innovation collaboration and an interplay of different disciplines. 

#2 TheHubz.com

Dive into the world of Chief Digital Officer Tim Schnabel and learn more about an optimised, value-creating and money-saving digital production set-up.

#3 New Winners

Have a listen to our media episode with Matthias Brüll, Managing Director of Mediaplus International, to discover what makes an optimised media set-up.

#4 Driving ÜberCreativity

Jason takes you on a journey with seven powerful women of our Houses of Communication who are driving ÜberCreativity around the globe. Based on a number of impressive work examples, you will find out how ÜberCreativity is coming to life in Italy, Russia, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and Germany.

#5 Sustainability

Nowadays, every company should be taking a close look at how to contribute to environmentally friendly systems. Jason and Julia Nicolaisen, Head of Sustainability Management, give insights on how Serviceplan Group is already approaching this important topic successfully and how you could become climate neutral.

#6 Gaming & eSports

eSports are popular around the globe and also gaining more and more relevance in the business world. Due to the fact that it’s possible to reach potential clients via this channel, it’s important for companies to optimise their marketing set-up.