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Burn Racist Giga

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What is the main tool racists in Italy use to spread hate? Their internet connection. And how do you take this away from them? By burning up their monthly data. And that’s exactly what Rolling Stone and the Serviceplan Group did: this is operation BURN RACIST GIGA.

How did they do it?

In recent weeks, a website was launched online, containing some of the most-viewed racist content in Italy. The mini-site was created exclusively for the Burn Racist Giga operation and advertised on social networks, targeting far-right groups with racist views. Special care was taken to do this on the dark web so as not to involve non-racists. Videos on the mini-site could only be viewed using mobile data – not Wi-Fi – and the files were made much larger than the usual clips of this type. That meant every view via the mini-site burned up these racists’ data or led to a huge bill at the end of the month.

By burning up thousands of gigabytes, this “hacktivism” took thousands of racists off social networks for a significant period of time and - most importantly - made the internet a better place.

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5.000 GB burned

800 racist offline

+1500% traffic

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