Heroes of the Night


Heroes of the Night

Heroes of the Night
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    Anheuser-Busch InBev

With the interactive app "Heroes of the Night" Serviceplan Campaign International, Plan.Net Campaign and the Plan.Net Innovation Studio revive the Beck's claim "Only with you will it become legendary".

Users are able to turn their WhatsApp group's chat history into an individual comic book, creating the ultimate archive of legendary stories to make every party night unforgettable.

Machine learning based character and image mapping (Message Sentiment & Content) has been implemented, automatically transforming each chat message into a comic hero message. In total, there are ten different heroes who recall typical night-out personalities. In order to allow the user maximum individualization, each comic created is fully editable, with a total of over 12 billion different combinations possible.



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ADC*E Awards  1x Silver 2020
ADC DE  4x Bronze 2020
Caples Awards 2x Bronze 2020
IF DESIGN AWARD  1x Gold 2020
DPOK 1x Gold 2020
MAX Award 1x Bronze 2020
PHNX Tribute 1x Bronze 2020
Annual Multimedia  1x Gold 2019
Commawards  2x Silver 2019
Neptun Award 1x Gold (Sonderpreis) 2019
Red Dot Communication Design Award  Red Dot 2019