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Serviceplan Innovation Launches AIZOME’s Healthy Industrial Waste As A Skincare Product — WASTECARE™

Munich, 26 April 2023 – Japanese-German textile startup AIZOME have partnered with creative agency Serviceplan Innovation to launch of WASTECARE™, a premium skincare product made from wastewater sourced from AIZOME’s textile dyeing factory.

Because AIZOME only uses plants, water, and ultrasound instead of synthetic chemicals in their dyeing process, the wastewater, like the textiles, has natural health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, pain-relief, and skin rejuvenation. WASTECARE™ is being sent out to key opinion leaders in the fashion and textile industries to spotlight the damage caused on the environment and health, while also providing an innovative solution.

According to the United Nations, chemical usage for dyeing is the second major cause of water pollution. There are over 1500 synthetic chemicals, from formaldehyde to heavy metals, being used for dyeing and finishing textile products. They also severely affect the health of workers and wearers. In 79% of contact dermatitis cases, the reaction is triggered by these chemicals.

Lynda Grose, Chair of Fashion Design, California College of Arts comments: “There are a lot of sustainability claims, so it’s hard to keep track of what’s genuine.”

Misa Muto, Co-Founder, AIZOME adds: “At AIZOME we believe that textiles should not just be harmless, but even healthy. That’s why our dyeing process is 100% natural from farm to fabric.” 

AIZOME’s innovative dyeing process makes it different from the rest of the industry. They teamed up with Serviceplan Innovation to put their claim to test with a simple yet unconventional demonstration. WASTECARE™ is the first skincare product that is actually industrial waste. Taken directly from their textile dyeing factory, the wastewater has been tested and certified according to strict eco-toxicological and cosmetic safety standards. 

Alex Schill, Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group adds: “WASTECARE is one of our simplest product innovations yet. All it took to develop was a shift in perspective and good design: Industrial waste — presented as high-end skincare. Demonstrating not only AIZOME’s world-changing technology — but also the power of creative thinking.”

The unique design system combines visual elements inspired by ultrasound and traditional Japanese culture. With idea, strategy, and execution by Serviceplan Innovation, the design system was created in collaboration with Workbyworks Studio, a New York-based, award-winning design studio. The package was conceptualized to create an intimate unboxing experience. It combines practicality with aesthetics. The cardboard layers reinforce the packaging so that it can be shipped without outer protection and recycled afterwards. Each layer of the box allows the user to get closer to the story of AIZOME through data visualization, fabric, and finally, the face serum.

Han Gao, Founder and Designer, Workbyworks Studio adds: “Packaged as a high-end beauty product, bottled in a medical-grade vial and packed with fully recycled materials, WASTECARE challenges the preconceptions around waste.” 

While traditional plant-based dyeing has been around for millennia, without chemical finishing colour would fade quickly, making it unfeasible for mass production. An innovative solution: patented dyeing method AIZOME ULTRA uses ultrasound to bind plant molecules to the fiber, resulting in long-lasting color and health benefits. There is a broad spectrum of medicinal plants that can provide a variety of properties for wellbeing: Indigo turns the yarn blue and makes the fabric anti-inflammatory, ideal for eczema-prone skin. Rubia produces a red pigment and helps alleviate menstrual pain. To create yellow, turmeric is used, which also acts as an antioxidant.

Dr. Sudeep Motupalli Rao, Founder and Chief Scientist, SLOWTECH Labs adds: “AIZOME utilizes a natural, timeless resource — plants, as there are decades of scientific studies that show the therapeutic properties of natural dyes.”

The benefits of AIZOME have been recognized by the National Eczema Association as an innovation to improve the quality of life for people with sensitive skin. A study conducted with researchers from the University of Cambridge showed the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of indigo leaf in accelerating the healing of skin injuries.

Dr. Youssif M. Ali, Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge adds: “The study we conducted in cooperation with AIZOME clearly shows that the natural plant dye indigo is a promising agent for accelerating dermatological recovery.”

The campaign was launched to coincide with World Earth Day on April 22nd, with the first edition of WASTECARE™ shipped out to key opinion leaders and potential collaborators in fashion, textile, and healthcare. The goal with the campaign is to reach designers, producers, and decision makers, and join forces to make the industry more sustainable. 

A single limited-edition WASTECARE™ will be available for purchase in the upcoming AIZOME Indiegogo drop. Over the following months, WASTECARE™ will also be presented at pop-up stores, trade fairs, and conferences, as proof and demonstration of the innovative AIZOME ULTRA technology. 

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AIZOME is a textile company that combines tradition and technology to produce 100% natural textiles with health benefits. The U.S. and the DACH region are their main markets where they currently sell bedding and textile accessories directly to the consumer. Their main goal is to change the textile industry with technology that benefits the environment, the workers, and the wearers.




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