weGREEN: More than just our purpose

weGREEN: More than just our purpose

We have achieved a sustainability transition mindset. It is lived, breathed and full of ideas and initiatives like the weGREEN Campus week – implemented by our employees.


The weGREEN team takes great pride in conceptualizing, organising, and executing exciting and inspiring sustainability events throughout the year, including partnerships with “Giving Tuesday” and our memorable “Green Happening Days”. However, our weGREEN Campus Week stands apart as a unique, multi-faceted celebration, uniting us towards a more sustainable future.


Small actions make a big impact: Our weGREEN Campus Week


For the third consecutive year, we proudly celebrated our Campus Week, a vibrant week-long tribute to sustainability. This special time allows us to shine a spotlight on sustainability topics for our colleagues, providing both informative and inspirational experiences. Throughout the week, we curate talks featuring esteemed experts in the sustainability field. This year's captivating theme was “small actions make a big impact”, while previous years explored “sustainable home & travel” and “food finance & fashion”, each focusing on one aspect of sustainability that resonates with our team.


At the heart of our Campus Week lies the desire to offer our colleagues expert insights from trailblazers actively driving change. Distinguished speakers like Daniel Scholz of FootprintIntelligence, Tobias Weishaupt from CodeCheck, Maximilian Lehmann of Fanin, as well as TedX Speaker and Behaviour Changer Nicola Turner on Mindful Consumption enriched our collective knowledge. Past years featured impressive guests, including Lucas Egglseder, winner of the 2021 German Ecodesign Award, acknowledged as a 'transformation project' by RENN Network.


In addition to educational talks, we organize special events and celebrations during the Campus Week, fostering camaraderie while fuelling enthusiasm for sustainability topics. This year, we embarked on a 'Sustainability Tour' of our neighbours in Munich’s Werksviertel, exploring a dynamic urban area known for its sustainability-focused establishments. From sustainable bars and restaurants to environmentally conscious shops and businesses, our colleagues gained valuable insights into the practices that shape this trendy community. As a special treat, we even interacted with the city's own rooftop farm ecosystem, which adorable city sheep call home. They live on a 2,500-square-meter city pasture on the roof of WERK3 in Werksviertel-Mitte.


All about transparency and continuous improvement: Our Corporate Sustainability Report


In another ground-breaking initiative, our Sustainability Department at Serviceplan Group recently released our very first Corporate Sustainability Report. Published in July and encompassing all of our German locations, this milestone achievement embodies our dedication to transparency and continuous improvement. As we optimize our functions and findings from the report, we eagerly anticipate even greater progress in the years to come.


To explore this year's report and our sustainability journey, visit our website. We are excited about the positive change ahead and look forward to making a meaningful impact, year after year.


Author: Franziska Weber, Project Manager Sustainability at Serviceplan Group

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