Say Yes To Corporate Podcasts! But Mind 3 Tips

Say Yes To Corporate Podcasts! But Mind 3 Tips

Say Yes To Corporate Podcasts! But Mind 3 Tips

Stories that people want to listen to – those are not only hard to find, but also hard to tell. It is what everyone wants to achieve, but only few know how to do it right.


Corporate podcasts are the talk of the town at the moment. But anyone wanting to launch a good podcast has to really engage with the format. To avoid finding yourself on the graveyard of failed audio formats, you must ruthlessly ditch questionable “podcast habits”:


1. Blah, blah, blah – that is exactly what listeners hear as soon as they encounter PR talk! So, there is absolutely no room for remote-controlled, wishy-washy, robotic-sounding hosts on a corporate podcast. On the contrary, it is important to retain the authenticity and individual personality of the hosts. What does this mean in practice? Don’t regurgitate your company’s PR manual! This definitely won’t earn you any brownie points with your listeners.


2. An interesting topic is fine – but interesting guests are key. They keep listeners hooked and, in a best-case scenario, turn podcast fans into loyal followers. Truly talented communicators will manage to shine even with yawningly boring topics and catch the attention of the podcast audience.


3. Avoid looking at the number of clicks at all costs! When starting out, these figures will (almost) always be dispiritingly low. The words “patience and endurance” should therefore be your mantra for dealing with this motivation-sapping initial phase. But do not despair: in the podcast game, you are already on an excellent footing if you value thorough journalistic research and brilliant technical execution.


You might be asking yourself what qualifies me to give all these pointers in the first place. It’s the fact that I have had to learn from my own mistakes. As the host of the TWELVE CAST, our Serviceplan Group podcast, I am constantly in conversation with creative innovators and trendsetters in the communication industry. That’s why I want to share my experiences of do’s and don’ts of podcast-making with you.


Author: Benjamin Majeron, Head of Digital at Serviceplan PR & Content 

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